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With the changing systems and needs of families, we deliver services that are unique to the agency and the referral. From carer assessments to individual sessions and support, we can assist you and approach a referral through a professional, relational, and creative framework.
Foster & Kinship Carer Assessments - Collective Caring

Foster & Kinship Carer Assessments

Collective Caring provides the spectrum of services in supporting professionals and carers who support children in out of home care. From the commencement of the caring journey through to up-skilling and support, Collective Caring provides an evidenced based approach whilst utilising the appropriate State or Territory framework for assessments. Assessments include:

General Foster Care Initial Assessments

General Foster Care Renewal of Assessments

Kinship Care Initial Assessments

Kinship Care Renewal of Assessments


Suitability Assessments


Quality Care Training

This training is delivered by an experienced and passionate facilitator who utilises adult learning pedagogies to create an engaging and interactive training session.

This training can be delivered virtually which allows for carers from across the State to be able to attend without having to organise child minding or time off work to attend. The virtual mode of delivery also allows for our rural and remote families to be able to attend.

Collective Caring can also provide the Quality Care Training face to face – either within potential carer homes or onsite.

Standard Training:

This training assists carers through a reflective practice and upskilling process in their first year as carers. The Standard training can be provided virtually or face to face and is delivered by expert facilitators who weave their experience and stories throughout the session to be sure to engage carers with the content and encourage their reflection and upskilling.
Foster & Kinship Carer Assessments - Collective Caring
Foster & Kinship Carer Assessments - Collective Caring

Additional Learning & Development

Supporting the healing for children and families can be a challenging role. In knowing that the best healing support comes through the relationships we form, it is essential that support is provided for carers and staff walking alongside the children and families they serve. Further training can be created for your organisation or carer network with topics including but not limited to:

Understanding prenatal trauma that occurs with Domestic and Family Violence

Understanding the nature of Domestic and Family Violence in relationships

Creating Resilient Workplaces

Working Collectively- how the team can thrive

Understanding the impacts of Trauma and Attachment for children and young people

These sessions can be provided face to face, within the carers home or virtually through an online platform. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance as well as suitable resources to embed the learning.

Supervision & Support

We acknowledge the important role that carers and professionals within the out of home care system play in creating change for children and young people. Collective Caring is able to provide the following services to aid professionals and carers:

One-on-one supervision, reflective practice and challenge exploration

Peer supervision, complex case facilitation and reflection

Professional Supervision and Social Work practice

Residential Service support, guidance and peer reflection

Critical Incident debriefing

Foster & Kinship Carer Assessments - Collective Caring

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